The Countdown Has Begun!!!!

21st August 2018

Blu ein our new cafe

The Decorators are out!

The Chapel is now painted inside, work benches are installed, toilets are plumbed – we’re ready to move in! Stone walling is being built around the front of the carpark and the signage is ordered.

The Chapel

We are counting down the days now until the big move. The shop in Bodmin will continue as normal (on the surface!) as we move the workshop into the Chapel from the first week of September. As soon as this is complete, we will begin to move the retail side of the shop across and this will involve both premises being closed to the public for a few days.

We advise customers to phone before making any trips out to see us during this time! We are keeping our telephone number the same so you will always be able to reach us on 01208 72518 or 07738 008707. Our aim is to be fully operational in the new premises by the 17th of September and our Bodmin premises will be completely closed.

New stairway in the Chapel

We are aware that this is a very unsettling time for our customers who want to make sure they get their framing as normal without any hiccups! We will do all we can to make sure that work continues as normal during this entire process and just ask that everyone is patient as we are doing our best!! See you all at the Chapel!!

Stable Art at the Chapel, Fletchersbridge, Bodmin, PL31 4AN