Constantine Bay, acrylic painting on canvas

Fine Art Commissions
by Sarah Cowen

Commissions now being taken in all mediums and subjects. Pencil or pastel drawings start at around £60 and oil or acrylic paintings from £150. I try and charge depending on how long I think a painting will take. I work very quickly so my prices are very low for the quality of work that I do and I choose to keep it that way to make commissions accessible to everyone.

I was classically trained in art by Tutor Doreen Gain who studied at The Slade School of Fine Art, London. I have painted very infrequently through the years but I now feel that I have the right ‘head space’ to offer my talents more commercially. I have kept horses and dogs all my life and have a deep understanding of animals which shows through in my work. My passion is for realism and character in my paintings which I like to think shines through in my portraits and studies.

I love a challenge and I particularly enjoy ‘copyist works’ like the large 40” x 30”painting of the Burma Railway (shown in slideshow below) originally painted by a famous railway artist. The painting was very complex as there was only a small faded print of the original to work from. However, the finished work is a stunning exact copy of the original (apart from small alterations to the train requested by the customer!).

Sarah works throughout the day at Stable Art and she is available there to discuss new commissions and show examples of her work. She is also happy to visit customers at home to take the necessary photographs with which to work from.

Train Painting
Cat Painting
Dog Painting
Dog Painting
Dog Painting
Dog Picture
Cow Painting
Dog Picture
Countryside Painting
Dog Picture
Dog Picture
Dog Picture
Horse Painting
Stripple Stones
Cardinham Woods
Painting of Amos
jazz and paddy

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