New Floors Everywhere!!

3rd April 2018

1st floor
Builders on the extension

Wot no roof?!

Last week saw the long awaited steels being fitted to the entrance foyer of the Chapel. This finally gives us a picture of how big the room will be upstairs and how the shape will look before the timber frame goes up.

As this part of the building was only partially built by the previous owners, we have debated long and hard on how to finish the build in the best way for the Chapel and for us. This is the room customers will enter the shop by and then go through into the original part of the Chapel on the ground floor or up the main staircase to the room above which leads into the original building again. We have worked hard to make this very important extension as sympathetic and user friendly as possible. The access will be level from the carpark and there will be a disabled customer toilet just inside the main entrance.

Ground floor

Downstairs floor

Before Easter we also saw the floors being laid downstairs in the main building. Our amazing builders worked through Easter to surge forward with the renovations, timbers went in, insulation then flooring for the workshops.

Flooring materials for downstairs

Floor ready to go down