Workshop in Oils with Tony Forrest: “Hippos”

By popular request we are going to paint these two charming hippos. Some of my regular students have requested this one. You can’t go to Africa and miss these guys; they are everywhere! If you watch them you soon realise that they can be very amusing. Spending most of their time in the rivers, they come out on land at night to graze. You will also see them lazing around on the banks of the rivers during the heat of the day. Hippos are one of my favourite subjects and this scene was early in the morning close to my camp on the Luangwa River, Zambia.

Colours: you will have all the colours you need already in your paint box. There is a soft colour harmony with this scene – warm shades that work nice together. I will be encouraging you to look carefully at what you are mixing and also the contrasting light off the surface of the water.
Reds, yellows, ochres, cobalt blue, etc. You don’t need to be specific – a wide variety of colours can be used.

Bring a canvas or board about 12×10 or similar. You can also bring a spare one to practice on for the colours if you wish. Again, it is best to pre stain your canvas with a mid warm tone to get rid of the white.

Saturday 25th February

10am – 4pm