Workshop in Oil or Acrylic with Tony Forrest

Tony Forrest: artist working in oils, painting the scenery around the Cornish coast. Harbours, beach scenes and coastal scenery. Tony has been a professional artist for over 30 years

painting the wildlife of Africa and more recently the Cornish coast and harbours.


Oil painting workshop:

Painting a small oil of a beach or harbour scene. Canvas or canvas panel around 12×10 inch is suggested. Canvas panels can be larger but best not larger than 16×16 inch. The class

will have an informal atmosphere which should also encourage the students to experiment and be open-minded.


Materials to bring:

Oil or acrylic paints: paints can be regular oils, water soluble oils, alkyds, or acrylics. Note this is primarily an oil painting workshop so oils are preferred.

• Titanium white. Alkyd fast drying white preferred.

• Ultramarine blue.

• Any green blue – cerulean, windsor, cobalt, thalo etc.

• Violet red – permanent rose, quinacridone violet, crimson etc

• Cadmium red or any orange red. (PR 108)

• Cadmium yellow pale or cadmium yellow. (PY 35)

• Dark earth – burnt umber, burnt sienna or similar.

• Yellow ochre or similar

Other colours in addition can be brought to the class if you wish but try to bring at least the ones listed here.

One or two canvas panels. No need to prepare a coloured ground.

Brushes: Two or three medium hog, half to one inch. Couple of hog filberts, size 2 or 3.

A small detail brush, synthetic/sable or similar. Size 1 or 2.

Any other brushes of your choice. For oil painting they need to be hog bristle.

Pallet knife for scraping paint off the palette.

Mixing palette: any smooth flat surface but not too small. Wood/plastic palettes are best.

Medium: Winsor and Newton Liquin if possible. Or turps. (turps not required if using water soluble paints).

Jar of white spirit for cleaning brushes during painting.

Small pot for medium.

Rags/kitchen roll.

Enthusiasm – lots required!!

Saturday 27th November 10am – 4pm

£55.00 per person – FULLY BOOKED