Painting Boats in Oils with Tony Forrest

This one day workshop will have students painting two old dinghies on water. There are lovely blues and greens in this exercise so keep your colours clean. Students will need to bring a small canvas or canvas panel and preferably stain the surface with a warm tone or mid grey. You choose! you will also be drawing the boats from scratch using paint to roughly sketch out the shapes. If you are a regular at my workshops you will know that the colours and tones are the most important; if you don’t quite get the shape right, we’ll call it Cubism!

The colours to bring are what you will most likely already have but Ultramarine, cerulean/cobalt/pthalo blues are all fine. Crimson, burnt sienna, cadmium yellow light, pthalo green or winsor green, titanium white.

Small and medium flat brushes, filberts and small detail brushes. The usual mixing surface, turps, rags etc. Winsor and Newton Liquin is very useful for speeding drying.

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Saturday 22nd September 10am – 4pm