Oil Painting Workshop – “St Ives Beach” with Tony Forrest

ST. IVES BEACH – Limited palette

This workshop will have a bit more freedom where you can paint either of these scenes or both. You can also choose what you do – the whole scene or a detail. You will be sketching the scene out in thin oils prior to the main painting. The size is also up to you; I would suggest you do not go too big – around 12 x 16 inch or smaller. It will help greatly if you tone your board or canvas with a mid warm grey in oil or acrylic. If you are intending to paint using acrylics, then make sure your tonal ground is also acrylic.


I would like to keep the palette limited to just three or four colours and white. You are going to struggle if you squeeze out everything in your paint box! Try these: Ultramarine, yellow ochre, cadmium red light, cadmium yellow, titanium white. These should give you all the colours you need. If you can, use professional quality paints with single pigments.
Brushes: Medium and small flats and filberts. If your brushes are old and battered, buy new ones. You can’t expect good results with rubbish tools.

This workshop is going to feel a bit different from my others in that I want you to have more freedom and choices. I will display these images on a TV screen which will give you a better idea of the colours



Please note that all bookings are non-refundable