Oil Painting for Beginners and Improvers

Sally Jones portrait painting



This is a chance for those of you who lack confidence/practice to extend your boundaries and for those who want to develop their skills. If you would like to have a go but always found an excuse or think you can’t improve – set yourself your new goals and go for it!

First taster session to be held on Monday 7th January 0930 – 1230 with another class being held on Monday 21st January at Stable Art, Fletchers Bridge. Each session will be £20 per person with an additional £3.50 per session for use of materials (listed below) if required (and to give you a chance to see what paints/materials you are comfortable using beforehand.)

This write-up is aimed primarily for anyone who hasn’t even splashed out and bought paints and so on yet – it will give you a chance to learn, have a go at relatively low cost. Those of you with all you need for painting in oils already – do please feel free to bring it along.

I hope to introduce you all to an interesting programme of colour mixing/blending and an idea of the various materials we shall be using as part of the taster session, aiming to work up a simple landscape as part of the first class. The aim overall is so you can develop your paintings and practice as you discover your own interests and strengths, with the emphasis towards traditional imagery with a strong focus on observational skills – colours to pull forward or push back/recede to give a sense of perspective, and developing draughtsmanship with time.

Materials You Will Need

Brushes: Graduate ¼ (sword shaped)

Georgian no. 2 round

Georgian fan brush

2B pencil

Kitchen towel and/or cotton rags for cleaning up etc (cheap kitchen towel and/or bit of old bedsheet would do)

Clean, small empty jam jar with watertight lid for dipping your brushes in

Artists dipper for linseed etc (optional – we can get round it for the moment)

Materials I Can Supply

Paper for oil painting (supplied by me)